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Program Curriculum

For each topic CRI will provide in class training lead by teachers around the country, either in person or online, that have been doing ministry for years! CRI will also provide hands on training in the ministry field of NYC, where our students can put their in class training into action!

· Urban Ministry Flexibility

· Food Ministry

· Homeless Ministry

· Children’s Ministry

· Church Planting/Pastoral Ministry

· World Religions Ministry

· At Risk Youth Ministry

· Health/Wellness Ministry

· Ministry Fundraising

· Non Profit Operations/Logistics

Program Schedule

1st 90 Day Term: Ministry Assessment

September – November

During November – Operation Drumstick Outreach. Help feed 5,000 hurting New Yorkers full Thanksgiving meals!

Thanksgiving Break


2nd 90 Day Term: Ministry Development

December – February

During December - Christmas Compassion Outreach. Provide 2,000 Christmas Toys to Children in 20 different NYC shelters

Christmas Break


3rd 90 Day Term: Ministry Application

February – May

March & April – Become a NYSUM Ministry leader by leading short term mission teams around NYC to different outreach ministries

May - Graduation 


Program Cost

CRI’s program is separated into three all-inclusive 90 Day terms


Includes – Program fees, housing, utilities, Wi-Fi internet access, 3 meals per day, ministry materials and NYC attractions TBA


Term #1, 90 Days: Ministry Assessment - $2,250

Term #2, 90 Days: Ministry Development - $2,250

Term #3, 90 Days: Ministry Application - $2,250

Total Program Cost - $6,750 for 270 Days = $25 per Day


*If paid in full, by the start date, student will be discounted $750 and will only pay $6,000 = 1 FREE MONTH IN NYC!!!

*Due to the program schedule students will not be permitted to have a job, but fund raising opportunities and monthly payment plans are available!

*Ask us about the student referral program!